Cycle Maintenance

A well maintained bike is so much easier to use! Obvious, but with a few minutes a week you can keep your bike well maintained. To diagram below should help you identify the many components of a bike.

Download our Dr Bike check sheet here to give your bike an 'MOT'.


Check your tyre pressures, look at the tyre sidewall, somewhere it will have the recommended pressure moulded into it. Running tyres at the correct pressure is always beneficial.

Check the chain for tension and lubrication, wipe off accumulated muck and re-lubricate.

Check brakes work correctly, if you have (ordinary) rim brakes make sure the brake blocks bear onto the metal wheel rim and not the tyre.

Do all the brake and gear cables feel smooth and easy to use? Cables should be greased but try a drop of oil every now and again to maintain smoothness.

Are there any rattles whilst riding? If so are you sure nothing vital is about to drop off? Do the pedals, wheels and steering all move freely with no clicking or wobble?

When cleaning a bike a pressure washer is not a good idea as water can easily get into bearings.