Chesterfield Cycle Network

A network of routes was identified by Derbyshire County Council during a 'cycle audit' carried out in 2010 involving DCC, Chesterfield Borough Council and the Campaign.

From this audit mapping was produced to show routes already in place, 'quick win' routes and longer term aspirations. It was decided early on to concentrate on the creation of a north - south route through the town. Work has already taken place to enhance and add to this route.

At the same time it was decided to colour code the main routes and produce a schematic map similar to the London Underground map. Routes will be signed with their colours and gradually it should be easier to follow routes. Some signs have a QR code on them which a 'smart' phone will link to the schematic map.

Derbyshire County Council have a page on their website about the network with lots of mapping.

Link to schematic map

Routes signed so far:

Hipper Valley Trail (green route) between Somersall Lane and the Queen's Park